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Hydrofoiling is this new kind of flying addiction that is rapidly spreading among Kiteboarders. The unbeatable feeling of flying in silence and travelling distance with little impact on your body is a great feeling. Hydrofoil is a underwater big wing that was used for racing sailing boats, for special kitesurf races etc. Few years ago the kite industry start developing many different kinds of hydrofoils not only for racing but for each style freeride, wave riding, even for beginners. So now is the time to try this amazing feeling of the flying carpet.



No previous experience on hydrofoiling required. The Goal of your 1st session is to learn to walk on the beach and to get into the water by body dragging out, the water start and getting up on the board riding with all the length of the mast in the water i.e without foiling. To ride along both ways with a foil in water is important to get the feeling of the board.



In this stage you have already the feeling of the board riding with it and the board wants to come out slowly and start getting the dolphin feeling the board is pumping up and down from the surface of the water and you will crash a lot either the board will nosedive or you fly backwards into the water.

Now is the time to focus on the balance all the key is the weight distribution i.e not pushing the back leg like we normally do on a twin tip board.

On this stage you will spent the most time, but at the end of the stage 2 you should be able to ride small distances with the board out of the water.



Here you will Progress from smaller runs to going along for a longer distances at the time you are trying to stay more time on the board you will travel upwind, on this stage we will help you get back downwind again by riding the board to the starting point. Downwind is more tricky for many so this comes later.
By then end of stage 3 you should be comfortable riding in both directions and control is your main aim.



Until now you are probably slowing down and falling in the water changing the board’s direction and water starting again.

On this stage you will try your first gybes by always touching the board on the surface of the water, after changing your feet and riding to the other direction.



The course includes all the material needed: Hydrofoil equipment, vest, helmet (no kite gear included).
All the lessons are private.



Intro course (1,5 hour): €120
Complete course (5 hours): €360



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