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Once you visit Rhodes / Theologos it will be your summer kite destination for ever. Besides all the historical sights, the amazing colours of the water and the beautiful scenery are what make Rhodes such a popular summer destination. Rhodes island has many other pros to consider it as your next destination for your kitesurf holidays.

Here is why Theologos / Rhodes is the best kitesurf destination in Europe.

First it’s very easy to fly, Rhodes has an international airport Diagoras (RHO) that receives daily flights from all over Europe.RHO rhodes airport.

Rhodes is safe! You don’t need to worry about anything. Where to walk, if it’s dark or if you will end up in a bad neighbourhood, because there simply are none.

Everybody speaks English and several other languages, particularly as Rhodes had tourism since the 1960s’.


Very easy to go around. Rhodes is quite a big island; there are several places you have to visit and many different ways to do it! Public buses that operate all day long and travel regularly around the island, as well as organised day trips by bus or by boat! And if you like to be independent there is a huge selection of rental vehicles to choose from.


Value for money. Whether you are a single traveler, couple or a big group you can choose from a basic hotel room up to luxury villa with pool and all the possible comforts.
There are several options to eat in Rhodes from the cheap but delicious pita gyros up to high end restaurants by the beach of beautiful Lindos village.


And if you like to keep your budget low, or you are on a special diet, there are several big supermarkets all over the island to go grocery shopping.

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